The "Who Cares!" Clock

Beautifully designed "Who Cares" Clocks put some ironic fun into any decor, because let's face it...having to keep track of the time can be a drag! So why not have a little fun with it?

These ironic and whimsical Who Cares Clocks make a perfect gift for someone who is retired, people trapped in their office, a recreation room,  or just about anyplace that could use some levity.

Large red and black numbers seem to have tumbled down from their hourly positions, into a haphazard jumble with bold black lettering declaring, "Who Cares!"

There's also a Who Cares Clock especially suited as a retirement gift, with the expression, "Who Cares, I'm retired" written across the face. Choose from a novelty version of black plastic for only $14.99, or a stunning glass and aluminum housing for $36.99.

Who Cares Clock